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Accessible RV Rentals

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My husband has ALS and uses a power wheelchair. We enjoy the outdoors and I’d like to try Rving. I’m not sure if this will work out for us, so I’d like to rent an accessible RV a few times before I make the decision to buy one. I’ve called a number of dealers but I can’t seem to find anyone who rents accessible RVs. Do you have any suggestions? I live in Minnesota.

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Unfortunately I don't know of any US outlets that rent accessible RVs. There used to be a few, but the managers decided it wasn’t cost-effective to keep accessible RVs in their rental fleets because they didn't get that many requests for them. Additionally, able-bodied travelers did not want to rent the accessible units, so they just sat on the lots a good deal of the time. In the end, the few dealers who had accessible units replaced them with standard units.

Alternatively you might want to contact the Handicapped Travel Club (, a club that focuses on accessible RV travel. Sometimes their members have accessible rigs for rent, so check and see if there are any private rentals in your area. The club also has an excellent guide to accessible campgrounds on their website. Check it out before you hit the road.

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